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20 Shopping Days Until Christmas Means 20 Days Left to Reach Your Key Consumers

Posted by Jen Healey, CRM Strategy on December 06

Don’t let the threat of dwindling shopping days scare you into thinking that you cannot still find a way to influence purchase decisions with consumers. In our last post we learned how and where consumers are shopping this season and today we are going to share our tips for converting those last-minute consumers into sales.  

As many of you do, we begin our strategic holiday planning early in the summer, but that’s not to say that you can’t influence change during the month of December as well. If you’ve done your homework, you know what’s worked in the past and what hasn’t, and you can still use those findings to improve upon results this season. Where do we think you can have the greatest impact? Looking at 2015 trends and what we’ve seen thus far in 2016, we feel retail marketers should be focused on to two key areas: creative and analytics.

  1. “Surprise & Delight” with Creative Tactics. We learned yesterday that email is everywhere this season. Deploying mobile-optimized messages that surprise and delight is the best gift you can give to consumers. Be sure to keep a close eye on the most critical elements in your email such as CTAs, offer positioning and personalization to drive clicks.


  1. Optimize Using Analytics from “Christmas Past.” Even Ebenezer Scrooge learned from his mistakes. Looking back on Christmas Past is a great way to change your direction for Christmas Present. Apply what worked for your brand during Holiday 2015 and recall what didn’t to define your strategy. Don’t forget to use insight from testing throughout the year to optimize in these final critical weeks.

Don’t Wear Out Your Holiday Welcome …  

As you scurry to meet retail numbers, a natural response might be to accelerate email because of its effectiveness and short lead times – but don’t give into this temptation. These last-minute campaigns can be very impactful, but may come at the price of your list preservation. Remember, December 25 is just one day in a long year of building brand loyalty – overloading your list with too many messages in December may leave you without someone to share the holidays with in 2017. In a study Zeta conducted with The Relevancy Group, 75% of consumers surveyed stated the top reason to ignore or opt-out of email is: MESSAGE OVERLOAD. It’s important to think about the future of your list and how you can keep subscribers interested when Christmas is a thing of the past.

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