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3 Welcome Message Tips

Posted by Jessica Noonan on March 21
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In my four-part blog series, “Getting Down and Dirty with Lifecycle Campaigns,” I will examine four different stages of marketing campaigns and help you determine how to leverage your program to get the best results. Today’s topic: Welcome messages.

 You get one chance to make a first impression. Its one of the oldest sayings in the book, but it is so true, particularly when it comes to multichannel marketing. How can you turn your first encounter with customers into a lifelong friendship? Most likely you’ve got all the tools you need to get it right, all you need is a bit of planning. Here’s my plan for making the most of welcome messages for multichannel marketers:

Don’t Delay!

A welcome campaign is a MUST to properly and proactively thank your new customers. Get it out there quickly! Any later than 24 hours after sign up and your customers may forget they signed up and it will have a greater likelihood that it will get lost in their inbox.

An early welcome message is simple to create. You can set up a simple auto-responder or batch trigger email message to send within 24 hours. Don’t let the content stall the process.  You can always optimize this content later. A simple “Thank You” is all you need. Don’t forget to let them know to look forward to future emails from you. Another good reminder message is to ask them to add you to their Address book – this will ensure that your customers always receive future emails.

Offer Your Resources

Welcome messages can also be used to engage more directly with customers. Leverage this opportunity to to drive them back to your web site and encourage a conversion. Highlight areas of your site that would be helpful to them as a new subscriber or drive them back to the preference page. This is the prime opportunity to get to know your customers better and for them to get to know you!

Keep it Short and Sweet

Another option is to create a Welcome Sequence that allows you to give your new subscribers a lot of information without putting it all in one lengthy email. Use short formats and drive them back to your site. The best strategy for Welcome sequences is tosend them out over the first week or two in order to keep their interest, but not overwhelm them.

I received a great example from a retailer with 4 messages sent over 7 days.

      • Day 1, Touch 1 – The message was clear – “thank you for signing up” and “tell us more about you”. The message included a quick list of the types of messages they send, and a clear call to action to set my own email preferences.
        Day 3, Touch 2 – This was a branding message. Short and to the point, telling me about the brand and explaining their mission.
    Day 5, Touch 3 – This message clearly outlined how I can better connect with their brand through social channels and also through their loyalty program. The message contained clear calls to action and a great amount of information, without being overwhelming.
        Day 7, Touch 4 – The last message in the sequence was a product focused message, highlighting the types of products that different types of consumers would be interested in. It was a great tease to the product line, with clear calls to action, and not a single pricepoint. This makes it less of a hard sell and more about getting me to start browsing so that they can learn even more about me!

 Welcome messages can be one of the most effective tools you have as a multichannel marketer to establish a long-term, loyal relationship with your customer. Use them effectively to engage and entice customers to look to you as a resource.

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