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4 Tips for Retention Email Campaigns

Posted by Jessica Noonan on March 31
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After conquering the welcome email in Part 1, building customer relationships in Part 2, and conquering engagement in Part 3, today we move on to our final topic: retention email campaigns! In terms of retention, my clients are often asking how they can implement email programs that will help maintain and grow their businesses. Here are four helpful tips:

  • Leverage Timing and Purchase Cycles

Consider the purchase cycle for the product/service you are selling. Are you maximizing your communication with customers at the right time? Are there purchase milestones that you could leverage with an email touch? Use relevant data to understand when similar customers made second or third purchases, and send targeted emails based on these facts.

  • Mark Milestones

Is it the anniversary of a purchase, or of being a customer? A milestone campaign is very simple to execute based on the typical data you would have on a customer. It can be as simple as an appreciation message, or more detailed by leveraging what you know about what they bought, or how they engaged.

  • How to Engage with Inactive Customers

It’s inevitable that you will have customers who become inactive. Analyze your inactive customers to understand when in their customer journey the inactivity started so that you can create a lapse prevention campaign when you see your customers start displaying similar behavior.

  • Reactivate

Reach out to re-engage with customers. It’s best to do this as a “We Miss You,” message with a small incentive. Start by determining who is an inactive customer, and reach out with a simple email. Make the communication ongoing, sent at regular intervals to continually reactivate customers. Resist the urge to ask them to do anything more than just come to your site and take advantage of the offer you are presenting. For example – don’t send them a survey message asking why they haven’t been shopping with you. They’re inactive – they are not going to answer you! Make it simple for them to come back!


From the very first Welcome message through Conversion, Engagement and Retention, a marketer’s job is never easy – or over. Maintaining a steady customer communication stream is one of the best ways to build loyalty and move customers through the lifecycle. This completes my four part customer lifecycle series, time to go out and implement these tips!

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