Caroline Droessler

Caroline is a CRM Strategy Manager at Zeta Global and recently came from a multi-regional brand in the retail industry where she lead their market research program by utilizing a blend of qualitative and quantitative research methods to solve for some of the company’s biggest challenges. Beyond that position, she held various roles on their marketing team including a key strategist for their email channel, as well as lead their company’s omni-channel key initiatives as a campaign planner. In this newly created role for the company, she strategized and implemented 20+ effective, omni-channel campaigns focused around their most competitive categories, new brand launches, and over-arching company initiatives, while helping maintain and gain back market share against competitors.

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What Happens in Vegas…Marketers Share at Sherpa Summit

Posted by Caroline Droessler on April 25

Another trip to Vegas to gain some fresh inspiration from the Marketing Sherpa Summit. This event pulled in a diverse set of companies with a broad range of marketers.  Running back and forth from coaching clinics to roundtables with my brilliant and trusted high-roller, Tia Matsumoto – we were privy to all types of concerns and challenges marketers are facing.

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Topics: data, attribution, marketers

ShopTalk – Overflowing with Innovation, Inspiration… and Attendees!

Posted by Caroline Droessler on March 31

Last week over 325 industry-leading speakers descended upon Vegas to share a glimpse of what’s ahead for retailers in 2017 including ideas from what the future of AI holds, how computers will adapt to humans (vs. us adapting to them), to the evolution of the customer experience, where remaining relevant and making sense of data overload are some of the core challenges brands face. However, there was one key theme that kept rising within each presentation I attended -- all brands must learn to act with agility.

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