Chad Starbuck

As the Director Mobile Solutions for Zeta Global CRM NA, Chad is responsible for managing the Mobile Solution for Zeta Global clients worldwide. He managed the relationships between the mobile technology partners, the clients, sales teams and account teams. He is responsible for the scoping of mobile services as well as the execution of the mobile solution. He oversees the mobile product solution from beginning to end including budgeting, product strategy as well as delivery. Zeta Global would like to announce that Chad Starbuck, the current Director Mobile Solutions for Zeta Impact will be expanding his role to become the Director Mobile Solutions for all of Zeta Global CRM NA which encompasses the legacy Zeta mobile clients currently operating on the Dynmark and M3 solutions. Chad has already begun the process of reviewing the Zeta legacy clients with the account teams as well beginning a review of the Zeta legacy mobile solutions with the product team for Zeta Global to have a cohesive and comprehensive mobile solution moving forward In the meantime, Chad is available to all Zeta Global CRM NA associates as a resource on mobile and can provide an overview of all our mobile capabilities including SMS, MMS and App Push. He is available to meet with account teams as well as join in on client meetings, either face to face or on the phone, to discuss your client’s mobile needs. You can reach chad at cstarbuck@zetaglobal.com Prior to joining Zeta Global as part of the Acxiom Impact acquisition, where he oversaw the Acxiom Impact mobile solution for five plus years, Chad worked as a Business Development and Project Management consultant for a variety of Mobile Technology and Digital Marketing companies looking to integrate mobile and digital solutions into their overall marketing strategies. During his time as a consultant, Chad worked with a variety clients including those in the retail, financial, entertainment, travel & hospitality, online and sports. Chad has more than 10 years of experience in the mobile space and prior to making a jump to the digital world, he had a sixteen-year successful career in the sports industry as a sales, business development and marketing professional. He managed sales for a B2B sports publication and trade show for more than five years and held a variety of sales and management positions during a seven-year stint with a minor-league baseball team. In addition, Chad has spoken at conferences about mobile as well as in the travel and hospitality industry. Chad is also a member of the Mobile Marketing Association.

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Chad Starbuck, our mobile resident expert is back to share his insight on the top 10 ways to make SMS work best for your mobile marketing strategy. You may remember that we were introduced to Chad in his previous post: “What to consider when developing a mobile strategy” where he gave us an overview on building an effective mobile marketing strategy. Today, Chad is sharing his expertise on SMS marketing with 10 tips for using text messages to actively engage with consumers.

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What to consider when developing a mobile strategy

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Today we are all about mobile. Who needs it, why do we need it? Where do we get it? How do we implement it effectively? Our mobile guide is Chad Starbuck, director of mobile solutions at Zeta Global. He is the guy we all want on our team if we are even considering mobile and how it fits into the overall marketing program. Today, Chad will tell us a little about who benefits from a mobile messaging strategy and how to get started building one!

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