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Being “Right” is Critical for Clients to Master in 2015

Posted by Matthew Swift on February 06

As I’m planning marketing strategies with my clients for 2015, I keep coming back to a few key concepts that are crucial to their success. With the incredible amount of data that marketers are collecting about consumers, now more than ever brands need to convince consumers that they truly understand their wants and needs. The key to success will not be to master one channel, but to master each channel utilized by your target audience. As we continue to build our marketing strategies for 2015, I’m keeping these three tips at the forefront of the conversation:

1. Automating your Communications Programs

Marketers must automate programs to create efficiencies and to optimize their customer touches and channels that yield the best return. Siloed marketing organizations and a lack of knowledge-sharing will cost accurate touch points in the consumer lifecycle, and ultimately, lead to failure.

Creating efficiencies can have a huge impact on the effectiveness of your campaigns. For example, in the sports industry our clients are seeing that email open rates from automated campaigns outperform ad hoc campaigns results by a staggering 65%. When timed correctly and using the right triggers, these campaigns demonstrate to consumers that we understand what they’re looking for and how we can be beneficial to them.  

2. Implementing Multichannel

The key to success is being right, correct? By that I mean: right message, right time, right place. There is no excuse for today’s marketers to not understand how, where and when their customers want to receive messages and what those messages should say. 

However, this critical knowledge can vary drastically by consumer and across industries, so make sure that you have experts on hand to determine the best strategy for your individual needs. For example, direct mail is still highly successful in the cable industry. We’re seeing direct mail as the single largest driver of product sales by a nearly 3:1 margin. On the other hand, a phone call is highly impactful for the financial industry. From a customer service perspective, phone calls have helped reduce attrition rates for my clients by nearly 12%. Further, customers contacted via multiple channels show a 24% reduction in attrition rates. Using a strategic, multichannel communications program to hone in on how your consumers want to be contacted can significantly impact your bottom line. 

3. Focusing on the Right Attributes

Having more data isn’t necessarily important -- it’s using the right data. As we learned in 2014, everyone has big data, but those marketers who learn to use their data effectively will come out on top. 

Our clients that gather the most data rely on only about 8-10 attributes to drive their success. Finding those important data points and building campaigns that are focused on moving the needle for those key attributes is essential. 


Most of today’s consumers understand that marketers collect vast amounts of data about them, and they expect that we will use that data effectively. They expect us to talk to them with the right message, at the right time, and in the right place. We do this by identifying the right attributes for relevant campaigns and automating as much as possible to implement an effective multichannel program. The three above winning strategies will help my clients elevate their marketing communications programs, ultimately landing them in the right place for 2015.


Matthew Swift has been an Account Manager with Zeta since 2012. In this role, he brings business and analytical insight to develop and manage effective programs for his clients. He has worked in verticals such as Cable Television, Financial Services, and Sports and Entertainment. Prior to Zeta, Matthew spent 8 years with TMP Directional Marketing in a variety of roles including Marketing Research, Product Management, and Account Services. He has managed all aspects of the client relationship from initial lead generation and sales support through on-boarding, project management, forecasting of result, and creating and managing internal operational processes. Matthew has a Bachelor’s degree from Marquette University in Advertising.

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