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Email In the Age of Social and Mobile

Posted by John B. Lewis on July 01

Back in the eighties, The Buggles said, “video killed the radio star.” Today, some would have you believe social media and mobile could kill email -- not so fast.

Forrester Research, Inc.'s June 24, 2013 report, Consumer Email Attitudes Continue To Improve, takes a look at the impact of social media and mobile on email and the findings should be music to the ears of email marketers. In spite of the wide range of new messaging methods available, consumers like email now more than ever. According to Forrester, 25% of US online adults valued email as a way to learn about products and promotions - up from 17% in 2010.

But consumers don't just like email. They share it. In 2012, 15% of US online consumers forwarded an email to a friend or family member. That's a 3% increase over 2010.

Liking, sharing…email is starting to sound downright social. But it’s mobile too.

As was noted in an earlier Zeta blog, 71% of mobile purchasing decisions are influenced by email (Adobe 2013 Digital Publishing Report.) Mobile enables consumers to redeem email offers wherever they are – online or in-person. Consumers who receive an offer on their mobile device are more likely to redeem it at a bricks-and-mortar location than those who receive an offer on their PC.

By adapting to new technologies like social media and mobile and responding to consumer behavior, email continues to rock. Note: Check my list of my favorite 80's Songs.

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