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Five Key Highlights from IRCE 2014

Posted by John B. Lewis on July 01

Zeta Interactive attended the 10th annual Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) at the McCormick Center in Chicago June 10th-13th. Touted as the world’s biggest ecommerce event, IRCE featured sessions on harnessing the power of social, mobile, video and responsive design. Zeta Interactive was on-site to better understand retailer’s marketing needs, share expertise, and offer solutions to solve for their most complex marketing problems.

Online is Driving Offline

According to Accenture, 78% of consumers research purchases online before buying in-store. Forrester predicts that 50% of offline retail purchases will be influenced by the web in 2017. This means creating and managing multi-channel campaigns for online and offline programs are more important than ever. Marketers demand solutions like Zeta Hub™ to analyze data from multiple channels to drive strategic programs that communicate with their customer in the most effective way.

Mobile Retail Sales are Growing Rapidly

Mobile Commerce vendors like Unbound Commerce have reported that customers are using mobile devices for 55% of their online shopping activity resulting in mobile sales increasing 101% year-over-year. ComScore reported that 2 out of 3 smartphone owners use their devices in-store. As mobile becomes more of an integral part of the average shopping experience, retailers need to execute integrated and dynamic mobile campaigns with tools like Zeta Mobile™.

SEO Needs a Rethink

A number of attendees suggested that the traditional vision of separate teams for SEO, SEM, and social media needs to be re-evaluated in favor of managing the overall web presence. Because pay-per-click ads are easily quantified, brands continue invest in them to reach their online customers. However, only 6% of their traffic is coming from paid placement. In contrast, 65% of their traffic is coming from organic search, referral, and social media. Social sites like Facebook drive the consumer behavior throughout the purchase cycle. It is clear that your social presence is just as important as your search and web presence. Tools like Zeta Social™ are now being used to build social campaign applications to collect data from social users, reward brand advocates, and increase purchase activity both online and in-store.

Facebook Cares about Advertisers' ROI

Facebook plans to let advertisers feature multiple products in a single ad in order to help them improve click rates. In a recent test, web merchant Zulily said the new ad format improved its cost per acquisition by 18%. The "multi-product ad" is designed to improve e-retailers’ ability to re-market to shoppers on Facebook. Highlighting several different products may increase the likelihood a consumer will click. Custom suit designer, Indochino, also touted success with the new advertiser-friendly Facebook ad format. Zeta Social provides analytics of the marketer’s social efforts to determine which ad receives the most clicks to drive return on investment.

Moving Pictures Are Moving Product

Video commerce is transforming online shopping and advertising. According to joyus.com, online video accounts for over 50% of mobile traffic. The Zeta Content™ application within Zeta Hub enhances your video content with supplementing dynamic and relevant content based on the users open and click activity in the message in mobile and email channels.

Zeta Interactive helps retail marketers address these issues with a suite of solutions to optimize the customer journey. Zeta Interactive’s Zeta Hub manages multi-channel marketing campaigns including email, SMS, social media, survey, web and print while providing a unified marketing data set and for precise and relevant execution. With a multi-channel campaign management platform like Zeta Hub, retailers are able to reach their customers through any channel, with relevant messaging at the appropriate time. Features in Zeta Hub, like responsive design, video in email and accurate channel attribution accurate channel attribution drive and quantify website and in-store traffic.

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