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Happy Holidays to “You”: Getting Up Close and Personal with Consumers

Posted by Zeta Marketing on November 23

With Back Friday just days away, months of planning and hard work for your company’s 2016 holiday campaigns are quickly going to be put to the test.  Although you may feel everything is surely perfect by now and your campaigns are ready to go, there are still some things you can do before (and after) hitting that send button to get to know your customers better.

As thousands of holiday promotional emails start flying this season, increasing the impact of your messages by getting personal with your customers can set you apart and help keep your message from ending up in the trash.  Speaking directly to the “You” in your subject line can quickly turn an email address into a personal contact you will have for years to come.

There are several ways for you to get up close and personal this holiday season – and you don’t even need to bring the mistletoe! How can your marketing messages deliver content that speaks directly to the “You” you are trying to reach via email?

Make your website a “welcome” place for consumers to visit

One of the best places to start personalizing your relationship with consumers is on your website.  An easy way to do so it to make sure that your website is optimized to successfully capture anonymous visitors and turn them into repeat consumers. A small adjustment can be made to apply a “welcome email” opt-in message to the home screen for first time visitors.   But, don’t stop there. Once you’ve captured their email address, build an even stronger bond with them by creating a personalized offer. This simple and easy step can increase the likelihood of conversion during their time on your site, with a quick message for opt-ins like: “Save 15% off your next order by entering your email”.

Don’t leave your shoppers “abandoned”

Frustrated by the number of abandoned carts you are finding from site visitors? Why not turn those deserted carts into personal shopping carts instead? The information you obtain from their shopping behavior is key to developing a future customized offer they won’t be able to refuse. Who can resist an offer that speaks directly to them and demonstrates a deeper level of understanding about the shopper’s personal choices? Start with offering complimentary items to a previous order or free shipping. Offering to take an additional percentage off if they complete their purchase is also a great way to demonstrate how much you value their business.

Visit your consumers where they live

One of the hottest trends in marketing is geo-targeting offers based on the location of shoppers. Creating promotions that demonstrate that you know where consumers are will increase rapport and trust. Offering a sale on sweaters to consumers who live in cold weather climates or rain gear during a three-day storm in their area is a convincing way to show you know your customers and their current environment. This will increase the shopper’s engagement with your brand and potentially spark a purchase need that didn’t exist before. 

Don’t forget to reach those consumers on-the-go!

According to The National Retail Federation, more shoppers were online than in stores last year over Thanksgiving weekend, could that be a trend we continue to see in 2016? Gartner predicts that this year more shopping will happen on mobile devices than ever before and the most recent consumer Survey conducted by The Relevancy Group showed 71% of online shoppers will purchase items anywhere it is convenient, from their mobile device, tablet or laptop.  How can marketers ensure that they don’t miss out on connecting with consumers who shop via mobile devices? Delivering push notifications via mobile is a great way to drive engagement with consumers. When they open your store app or visit your site you could offer a limited time percentage off coupon to be used only on mobile device purchases.

Learning how to communicate with consumers where, when and how they want to speak with your brand is the key to building loyalty this holiday season. Creating personalized offers based on past behavior is a great way to do that.  If you are not seeing the level of engagement or conversion you hoped for in your holiday campaigns, you can apply these quick and easy tips for greater impact. 

Don’t disengage with consumers once your holiday messages deploy, this is the time to get to know them better!

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