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Holiday 2016: Big Retailers Make Drastic Moves as Consumers Shift Purchasing to Online Sources

Posted by Tia Matsumoto on January 13

Another holiday season is over and we are uncovering valuable data intelligence that will determine the success of 2016 Peak’s retail performance. Early indicators suggest that the season seems to have been respectable with some estimates in the 3 to 4 percent growth range. More notably, the growth for online spend appears to be more than double that overall figure, in the neighborhood of 7 to 10 percent. This is attributable to the astonishing 80% of Americans who are now online shoppers according to a Pew Research Study. This shift affected some of America’s most well-known brands and resulted in many store closures for traditional, marquee retailers such as Macy’s, Kmart and Sears. In addition, some retailers are taking it as far as eliminating all brick-and-mortar locations like The Limited’s recent announcement to close all stores nationwide immediately. Now we find ourselves in the dawn of a new era where the brick-and-mortar store begins to fade as e-commerce often out-performs in-store on pricing and wins the sale.

Regardless of where the purchases happened, email marketers did their part to encourage sales throughout the season. In our prior post, we highlighted trends we observed at the halfway point of Peak and suggested that there was much more to come in the remaining push to Christmas, Hanukah and the New Year. Email marketers did not disappoint. We saw mounting sense of urgency as we approached holiday dates with last-minute messages driving to in-store pick up and gift card purchases-- followed by heart-felt holiday wishes that were quickly squelched by massive end-of season sales and self-indulgent New Year/New You opportunities. Wow – what a whirlwind!

Now that we’ve settled into the start of 2017 here at Zeta we’ve closed out our holiday data collection period, completed our seasonal trend monitoring and begun the process of amalgamating the results.  In our next post we’ll share top insights from our holiday benchmarks, our take on the season’s most used tactics and our predictions for the year ahead. Be sure you check back next week to find out more.

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