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How to Win at Search Marketing

Posted by Super User on May 02


Search engine marketing has become far more competitive in the education space, making it increasingly difficult for a university to win at search. This is caused by a number of factors. First, cost per click use has risen by 15 percent across education related terms. Searches for traditional schools and MOOC’s have increased 10 percent over the past year and search for for-profit schools have decreased by 2 percent1. Fewer education lead generation agencies are able to deliver search leads as Google tends to reward direct advertisers, not intermediates.

The Result? In order to excel at search marketing, schools need to look for partners who can bring innovative exclusive branded solutions to search engine marketing in order to better compete. Zeta Interactive helps universities more cost-effectively acquire students through successful search campaigns.

How Does it Work/Methodology

At Zeta, we’ve created an exclusive branded search offering that brings our clients:

  • Greater visibility into the process of how search gets done.
  • Increased market share of search volume, yielding an increase in prospect inquiries.
  • Improved brand exposure
  • Higher quality leads at scale

How Does an Exclusive Branded Search Offering Work?

From the onset we work with each school at each step of the process. Each aspect listed below is discussed with the school, provided for review, & approved before completed and/or set live.

1. SEM Campaign Creation & Management: When it comes to search marketing, its imperative to work with a partner you can trust. We work with you to build a portfolio of high performing non-branded keywords. We create all ad copy, ensuring it goes through the proper review process., and develop proposed bidding guidelines for non-branded keywords. Once executed, we provide full reporting on keyword and ad performance (as requested) and continue to refine until we hit target metrics.

2. Landing Pages Optimization: We bring full transparency to your landing page efforts and focus on accurately representing your brand at every step of the process. We start by working with you to find the right domain, ultimately transferring full ownership of that domain over to you. We architect, design and develop landing pages for optimization on inbound phone calls and data leads, while working with your compliance team to make sure that all copy is compliant. We have a rigorous testing and QA process, enabling us to make ongoing improvements in real-time to better optimize your conversion rate.

web leads

The Results:

Our clients have seen the following results from our comprehensive search process.

  • Overall program student enrollments 4x higher than average.
  • Phone lead start rate 3x higher than web lead start rate.
  • 3-5x growth in lead volume within the first sixty to ninety days, while maintaining and/or increasing quality.

Recipes for Success:

The edu search landscape is rapidly changing. It’s more important than ever to work with a search expert with specific category experience that knows how to optimize campaigns and deliver results.

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