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Managing Recycled Yahoo! IDs

Posted by Satu Rehumaki on September 24

Have you noticed a recent increase in unsubscribes or a rise in the number of complaints concerning your mailings? It could be due to Yahoo!

With all the buzz about the impact of Gmail's new Tab feature over the past few months, a change in the handling of IDs at Yahoo! may have been allowed to fly under the radar. This change has the potential to wreak havoc for email marketers.

In mid July Yahoo! began making email addresses that were inactive during the previous twelve months available to new users. Recycling in general is good. But if you had some of those addresses on your list, your messages may have been reaching unintended recipients. As a result, complaints and unsubscribes may have gone up.


Additional confusion may arise even if you've been diligent about purging unengaged addresses as new users assume the newly available IDs and begin signing up to receive your messages.

The key to managing this issue is monitoring engagement. Zeta's new Inbox Module provides powerful tools for understanding engagement as it is happening. Zeta Inbox Module enables you to view inbox and deliverability metrics for subscribers at Yahoo! and other services like Gmail and AOL. It provides true engagement metrics including open, delete, and delete without open to help you spot problems before they impact your results - and reputation.

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