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Don't Get Caught By the Same Old Traps

Posted by Viney Qazi on February 03

Back in October, SpamCop.net activated a set of new spam traps, as well as some old ones. In January, they did it again, this time reactivating spam traps that were as much as two years old.

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Stop Bots from Spoiling Your List and Infiltrating Your Website

Posted by Pratik Bhadra on January 21

Have you found invalid email addresses creeping into your list via the subscription page? It could be a sign that malicious bots are attempting to access your site.

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Announcing Our Rebranding!

Posted by admin on January 14

We are thrilled to announce that XL Marketing is now Zeta Interactive!

This move accentuates the Company's focus on, and dedication to Big Data, Customer Acquisition, and Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions. The Company is adopting its name from its Zeta Interactive division, a Forrester-rated, Enterprise-grade Marketing Technology platform and the catalyst for XLM's successful entry into Big Data & CRM.

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Gmail's War on Christmas - Update

Posted by Satu Rehumaki on December 26

In a recent Zeta blog - Is Gmail Waging War on Christmas (Email?) - we alerted you to changes in Gmail that impact the way it caches and renders images. This is an industry-wide issue, not isolated to Zeta. According to Google, these changes were made to enable Gmail to set images by default to “always-on” and to enhance security by preventing images from being used for device or location tracking.

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