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Retail Goes All-In On Mobile Email

Posted by Courtney Villanova on August 12

Forrester's recent report, The State of Retailing Online 2013, has some interesting findings when it comes to email. The report states that email will continue to be one of the top two areas of greatest focus for retailers. To that end, Forrester says retailers are investing in email more than ever. The reason is the shift in how consumers access marketing emails - specifically via mobile.

According to Forrester, mobile traffic has doubled since 2012. Email is ranked as the top source of mobile traffic for retailers. In fact, retailers reported that 28% of their email opens happen on phones and 16% on tablets.

As a result, 49% of retailers are now optimizing campaigns by device. Another 38% say they'll do so before the end of this year. Forrester says more retailers are focusing on email optimization than any other initiatives. With the move to mobile finally gaining momentum, email service providers must respond.

Zeta helps clients optimize their email for mobile by offering Responsive Design templates that take full advantage of mobile devices, their browsers and operating systems to engage and convert consumers. A recent Zeta case study highlights how Responsive Design can improve results.

Zeta goes further with a new Mobile Module that includes Mobile Preview. This feature helps retailers ensure their messages display as intended across devices. It provides multiple previews in an interface that let's you view individual close-ups by device so you can analyze your code, content, and layout before you deploy your message.

Getting retail email ready for mobile is only part of the story. Forrester cites a growth in analyst positions among retailers as "big data" becomes a priority. The report explains that with so many new channels, devices, and touch-points, the same old analytics dashboards are obsolete. Zeta is ahead of the curve thanks to a new set of analytics tools that measure key metrics on desktops and a wide range of mobile devices.

The numbers are clear. Email is more important than ever to retailers as consumers embrace mobile for receiving offers and making purchases. Retailers are moving in the right direction with optimization efforts, but to really take advantage of the opportunity, they need robust mobile strategies. To find out three pillars of any mobile strategy, check out Zeta's latest white paper.

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