The Attribution Conundrum – Understanding the Best Attribution Mix for Continued Growth

Posted by Andrea Orvis Holden on May 22

Flowers are in bloom and as 2017 nears its halfway point, is your marketing organization using the right processes to attribute new growth?  We still see that many marketers are struggling to measure the true impact of their marketing channels. At Zeta Global, one of our key intentions this year is to help client marketers improve how they attribute channel success and calculate the incremental value of all their marketing touchpoints.   

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Topics: data, attribution, analytics, marketers

20 Shopping Days Until Christmas Means 20 Days Left to Reach Your Key Consumers

Posted by Jen Healey, CRM Strategy on December 06

Don’t let the threat of dwindling shopping days scare you into thinking that you cannot still find a way to influence purchase decisions with consumers. In our last post we learned how and where consumers are shopping this season and today we are going to share our tips for converting those last-minute consumers into sales.  

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