Getting the Picture with Email

Posted by Courtney Villanova on October 30

Have you ever wondered whether the beautiful images you include in your email messages actually get seen? The answer might surprise you. A lot of recipients block images in HTML formatted messages either by personal preference or by default email client settings. Some people block HTML messages altogether.

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User Experience Design Binds Marketers and Customer Goals Together into The Same Universe

Posted by Jim Doria on December 14

Marketers have a fairly straightforward set of goals, even if the paths they take to achieve those goals can be diverse and complex. First, they want to elevate the level and amount of business done by their company, driving increased revenue. Secondary goals include fostering a positive public image of their company, and when possible, facilitating good interactions between those inside the company and those outside of it.

Often, it can seem that the goals of the marketing team are in conflict with those of the customers. The marketing team wants the customer to focus on and select one option; the customer wants to compare and contrast many options. The marketer wants the customer to focus on the product’s features and benefits. The customer is more likely to want to find about its flaws and hidden “gotchas”. The marketer wants to drive revenue growth, the customer – as the source of the revenue – wants to keep as much of it as possible in their pocket.

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Web redesign on agenda? Make sure to “mobilize” your agency

Posted by Hugo Guzman on January 14

I recently had a conversation with an astute interactive marketing executive about her plans for the year. She mentioned that her current website was roughly two years old and that now was the time to start thinking about a redesign. She had quite a few items on her redesign wish list (upgraded CMS, trimmed down Flash elements, etc.), but one thing that stood out to me was her keen interest in making sure that mobile users were accounted for.

Sure, she wanted the core website to render well on mobile browsers, and for good reason. After all, the balance has shifted in favor of consumers with smart phones as opposed to “dumb” phones.

That’s more or less standard fare, though. (Note: If your site isn’t optimized for mobile browsers, then perhaps a redesign should be on your agenda.)

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Messaging and Conversion – The Inseparable Relationship

Posted by Roy DeYoung on September 15

“Jazz That Dwells in the Present”
“Bluetooth Headsets With a Chic Factor”
“Slow Recovery Seen for Iceland”

Quickly scanning the Wall Street Journal website it occurred to me just why it is so easy to use this website and why it is so successful at converting people from scanning to reading—a significant conversion goal of any news/content oriented website. The reason for this success as that The Journal demonstrates a strong understanding of online eye-tracking and reading behaviors. This is apparent as their headlines act as engaging, truthful, relevant labels to the content that lies within.

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