Happy Holidays to “You”: Getting Up Close and Personal with Consumers

Posted by Zeta Marketing on November 23

With Back Friday just days away, months of planning and hard work for your company’s 2016 holiday campaigns are quickly going to be put to the test.  Although you may feel everything is surely perfect by now and your campaigns are ready to go, there are still some things you can do before (and after) hitting that send button to get to know your customers better.

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Holiday Baking… Meticulous Measurement

Posted by Tia Matsumoto on June 22

Summer is in the air. And while it may be difficult to summon images of winter holidays amongst all this sunshine, as retail marketers we must continue our preparations for our strongest holiday promotional campaigns right now. In this post, I’ll identify top data analyses you should conduct now to enhance message strategies throughout the holiday season.

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Holiday Past - Marketing Lessons Learned

Posted by Tia Matsumoto on June 09

Look at your calendar – go ahead – look. If you’re working in retail marketing, you’ll likely see at least one meeting booked to discuss Q4 holiday promotions … in JUNE! Now is also prime time for preparing the best marketing campaigns to support these promotions. In this, our first of a holiday readiness blog series, we’ll help you get in the holiday [planning] spirit as we highlight key data points to drive highly impactful strategies and tactics for Peak 2016.

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4 Tips for Retention Email Campaigns

Posted by Jessica Noonan on March 31

After conquering the welcome email in Part 1, building customer relationships in Part 2, and conquering engagement in Part 3, today we move on to our final topic: retention email campaigns! In terms of retention, my clients are often asking how they can implement email programs that will help maintain and grow their businesses. Here are four helpful tips:

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