Let it Go, Let it Go, Let it Go

Posted by Rick Buck, CIPP/US, CIPM on November 11

With only 15 days before Black Friday, the countdown is on! Are you blasting your database to see what sticks, or taking a more strategic approach to refine your email campaign plans? While sugarplums may be dancing in your head when you look at the number of subscribers on your list, the bounce backs can quickly turn sugary dreams into sour nightmares.

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Improving Email Security

Posted by Mary Beth Keelty on October 13

IBM Corp. cast its focus on security breeches with its white paper, “X-Force 2011 Midyear Trend and Risk Report.” According to the paper, “The boundaries of business infrastructure are being extended—and sometimes obliterated—by the emergence of cloud, mobility, social business, big data and more, while the attacks are getting more and more sophisticated, often showing evidence of extensive preoperation intelligence collection and careful, patient, long-term planning.”

While it’s true only some breeches involve email, there are still plenty of email-related attacks—enough that all companies should be thinking about security and its effect on the overall email marketing strategy.

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The Effectiveness of Leading with Creative Concepts and Messaging

Posted by Beth Keelty on August 25

When meeting with potential clients leading with creative services and presenting visual concepts is very effective as it engages and captivates your audience. While in meetings over the years I have noticed how creative can become a great way to communicate and tell a story to your audience as it helps provide a strategy and vision for addressing their challenges.

Many companies that have yet to figure out what their brand stands for, and how to articulate that to their audience. Brands are part of our everyday life, however few have set themselves apart such as iconic brands like Coca-Cola, Nike, and McDonald’s.

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