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8 Essential Questions to Maximize Your MMS Campaign

Posted by Chad Starbuck on August 30

Thinking about using video and images to attract the attention of your customers via multimedia messaging service (MMS)? Our mobile expert, Chad Starbuck, is here today to share tips on integrating MMS into your mobile marketing mix to maximize your time, resources and budget.

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Effective SMS Marketing; What makes it good and what to do better

Posted by Chad Starbuck on July 12

Chad Starbuck, our mobile resident expert is back to share his insight on the top 10 ways to make SMS work best for your mobile marketing strategy. You may remember that we were introduced to Chad in his previous post: “What to consider when developing a mobile strategy” where he gave us an overview on building an effective mobile marketing strategy. Today, Chad is sharing his expertise on SMS marketing with 10 tips for using text messages to actively engage with consumers.

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Topics: Mobile Strategy, engagement, sms, mobile marketing, multi-channel marketing

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