Effective SMS Marketing; What makes it good and what to do better

Posted by Chad Starbuck on July 12

Chad Starbuck, our mobile resident expert is back to share his insight on the top 10 ways to make SMS work best for your mobile marketing strategy. You may remember that we were introduced to Chad in his previous post: “What to consider when developing a mobile strategy” where he gave us an overview on building an effective mobile marketing strategy. Today, Chad is sharing his expertise on SMS marketing with 10 tips for using text messages to actively engage with consumers.

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Retail Goes All-In On Mobile Email

Posted by Courtney Villanova on August 12

Forrester's recent report, The State of Retailing Online 2013, has some interesting findings when it comes to email. The report states that email will continue to be one of the top two areas of greatest focus for retailers. To that end, Forrester says retailers are investing in email more than ever. The reason is the shift in how consumers access marketing emails - specifically via mobile.

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Apps, HTML5, iOS, and Android, Oh My – Designing Websites for Mobile E-Commerce

Posted by Garrett Wilson on January 12

The saying goes “there’s an app for that”, and with over 500,000 apps in the Apple Appstore and over 380,000 in the Android Market, there sure are tons of apps that do lots of cool things. But is there an app for increasing your sales? Is there an app that will tell you if you should build your mobile initiative around Apple’s iOS or Google’s Android operating systems? Can you find an app that makes your customers happy?

It would seem with the staggering holiday ecommerce and sales stats from the holiday shopping season would convince retailers and ecommerce sites to get their mobile or app act together, but reality tells another story. Many sites are not optimized for mobile devices, and with mobile purchases accounting for more and more purchases from April through December , it should be a mandate to marketers to build mobile sites or apps with numbers so big. But as when any new technology comes along some people are either slow or lazy to implement what seems obvious to most marketers or digital experts.

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Social media plus delivery truck mobile marketing drives products and brand messaging viral

Posted by Garrett Wilson on July 26

The Chrysler minivan revolutionized personal transportation in the 1980s, and while minivans were spawned from the traditional cargo van, its big brother the commercial delivery truck has in recent years spawned a new species of mobile marketing machines now being embraced by many industries, products, and flavors coupled with social media to deliver their message direct to consumers.

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