4 Tips for Retention Email Campaigns

Posted by Jessica Noonan on March 31

After conquering the welcome email in Part 1, building customer relationships in Part 2, and conquering engagement in Part 3, today we move on to our final topic: retention email campaigns! In terms of retention, my clients are often asking how they can implement email programs that will help maintain and grow their businesses. Here are four helpful tips:

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Don’t Stop Emailing: When it’s OK to Email “Disengaged” Customers

Posted by Viney Qazi on March 19

Email deliverability experts advise that it’s a best practice to remove addresses from your email list after a certain amount of inactivity. Even in my last blog post, I discussed avoiding list fatigue by not sending to non-engaged recipients. This is beneficial for a number of reasons­. Most importantly, having a list full of disinterested recipients not only hurts your wallet, but can negatively impact your company’s sender reputation and deliverability. For plenty of businesses, this best practice is useful. However, in other industries, it is not only justifiable to extend the shelf life of your email database, but highly recommended.

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Five Key Highlights from IRCE 2014

Posted by John B. Lewis on July 02

Zeta Interactive attended the 10th annual Internet Retailer Conference and Exhibition (IRCE) at the McCormick Center in Chicago June 10th-13th. Touted as the world’s biggest ecommerce event, IRCE featured sessions on harnessing the power of social, mobile, video and responsive design. Zeta Interactive was on-site to better understand retailer’s marketing needs, share expertise, and offer solutions to solve for their most complex marketing problems.

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Email's Role in Discovery Marketing

Posted by John B. Lewis on June 21

Forrester Research, Inc.'s June 2013 report, How Consumers Found Websites in 2012, provides some interesting statistics for marketers seeking to develop a multi-channel Discovery Marketing strategy. 

The report highlights that while users continue to rely heavily on natural search, traffic from sponsored search and social networks has increased. It touts gains of 4% in natural search, 7% in social, and 10% in sponsored search in 2012 versus 2011.

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