Socially Awkward: How Email Trumps Social Media

Posted by Tim McGoldrick on July 11

Although social media like Facebook and Twitter get all the buzz, it's email that generates leads and sales. For champions of social media, the numbers are somewhat embarrassing.

A recent report by Custora found that over the last four years, online retailers quadrupled their customer acquisition rates via email to nearly 7 percent. Facebook and Twitter barely registered as acquisition channels during the same period.

The study also looked at the long term value of customers acquired by email and social media. It tracked 72 million customers shopping on 86 retail sites over a period of two years to determine from where they clicked (email, Facebook, Twitter) as well as what and how much they purchased.

Email customers proved to be nearly 11 percent more valuable than average. Facebook customers were average and Twitter customers were 23 percent less valuable than average.

The take-away is this: Social media can be useful in building brand and encouraging referrals as part of a multi-channel marketing plan. But if you want to close the deal, use email.

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How To Earn And Increase Quality Twitter Followers, Not Just Quantity

Posted by Matt Ramos on April 23

There are an infinite amount of strategies to gain Twitter followers. I’m focusing on one surefire way to gain followers that will respect you as a thought leader. I can guarantee you that the 5 followers per week you get using this method are worth infinitely more than the 24,500 followers you got on Fiverr after spending $15 on 3 gigs. It all starts with helping others out with things that you’re experienced in. Whether it’s SEO, PPC, WordPress or PHP, there are always people looking for some guidance on Twitter. Follow these steps and you’ll be on your way to adding valuable followers to your Twitter account. We’ll be using a Twitter app and Google Chrome extension called InboxQ.

Step 1: Sign up for an InboxQ account.

InboxQ Campaign Creation

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Pinterest Is White Hot: Here’s Everything You Need To Know

Posted by Marianne Madden on February 28

Pinterest is the belle of the social media ball: Eleven million visits per week. More user engagement than Facebook and Twitter. And more drool-worthy wedding, décor and fashion photos you can shake a stick at.

In this POV, we break down why Pinterest matters, why it’s growing so rapidly, who’s using it, and what opportunities it poses for brands.The explosive growth of Pinterest has left many brands wondering what this social network means to them, and what opportunities it offers. Pinterest’s overwhelmingly female user base means that it’s not a good fit for all brands, but it’s a fertile avenue for certain female-focused brands – particularly those dealing with home décor, fashion, beauty, and weddings. Brands with such a female-focused brand should consider putting the “Pin this” button on their product pages, as Etsy and Modcloth have done. Brands can also participate in Pinterest in creative ways, by creating mood boards and focusing on thematic creation, rather than simply Pinning their products.

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There is No Excuse For Brands to Ignore Online Fans and Followers In This Age of Social Media

Posted by Stephanie Behie on February 03

It is a rare sight to not see someone with their Smartphone glued to their hand these days. Whether waiting in-line at your local store, on the daily commute, or watching TV, people are ‘always on’ and waiting for the next chance to share real-time experiences with their online friends and family. With the general population sharing their experiences in real-time digitally, what are people saying about your brand and its experience? And more importantly, how are you responding to those comments? Customers who talk want to know they are being heard, which for any company is actually one of the best ways to gain insight to your brand and help maintain a positive brand image.

Social media is becoming one of the most powerful sources of a company’s image and is giving users the

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