Stopping the mass-marketing treadmill... where does your Marketing Department stand?

Posted by Jason Sullock on August 20

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I’ve always said that “Marketing is all Commonsense.  It’s just it’s only commonsense with hindsight or when you have the luxury of time to see it.”

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How to scare up a traffic boost this Halloween

Posted by Christian Russo on October 27

With Halloween fast approaching this coming Saturday, along with it comes the usual wave of last-minute costumers eager to make a cleaver, funny or scary splash on the 31st. “Halloween” is consistently trending on Twitter, and there is an exponential jump in Halloween-related searches, so now is the time for savvy marketers to pull something out of their bags of tricks.

Zeta Marketing Solutions for the Halloween holiday

Top seasonal retailers HalloweenMart and Spirit Halloween have a web-based retail environment in dire need of a refresh.

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The online marketing revolution won’t be televised

Posted by Hugo Guzman on May 05

The transition from legacy, offline marketing to a more metrics and ROI-focused online marketing approach is well underway. There are examples of this shift all over the place, but one of the true trail blazers is Century21 Real Estate.

Not only have they completely pulled the plug on TV advertising efforts – which is a marketing coup in and of itself – but they are now moving aggressively into emerging social media forays. They’ve partnered with Blog Talk Radio to launch their “C21 Talk Radio” show and recently launched their own online real estate community platform.

Century21 is not alone. It seems like every passing day reveals another big brand shifting their marketing and advertising dollars away from the offline mediums and into a newfangled online campaign. Granted, a lot of these efforts are misguided or poorly timed, but even still, many of them are generating tangible returns.

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