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Zeta Wins Gold in The Relevancy Ring

Posted by John B. Lewis on February 07

The Relevancy Group just released their new buyers guide, The Relevancy Ring, and Zeta Interactive won Gold Medals for Campaign Execution and Production Services, Deliverability Tools and Services, Integration. Overall Zeta Interactive emerged as an Enterprise Ring Leader in key areas including Inbox Rate and Client Satisfaction, as well as Functionality and Innovation.

The Relevancy Ring evaluates ESP vendors in a new and quantifiable way. It combines a deep analysis of ESPs across market segments with feedback from marketers to determine how each vendor is positioned to address key challenges. The Relevancy Ring includes ESP demo use cases, inbox placement data from eDataSource, hundreds of data points from vendor surveys, and direct interviews with actual users to arrive at a truly data-driven scorecard of ESP vendors.


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Based on its research, The Relevancy Ring identified the top three challenges facing marketers when developing email campaigns as:

  • Analyzing campaign results
  • Having adequate staffing resources to manage programs
  • Lack of budget to manage programs

In terms of analyzing campaign results, Zeta Interactive was cited as the top choice for customers needing customizable reporting and dashboards. As for meeting marketers’ staffing and budget challenges, Zeta Interactive was the top choice for Enterprise marketers in the key service areas of Campaign Execution and Production Services.

The Relevancy Ring noted that clients benefit from Zeta Interactive’s large services staff and cost effective service rates. What’s more, The Relevancy Ring reported that clients offered “effusive praise for all aspects of (Zeta Interactive’s) service.”

Creative Services in particular was identified as an area in which marketers plan to work more closely with their ESPs in 2014. The Relevancy Ring reported that 50% of Mid-market companies currently use Creative Services provided by their ESPs and 24% expect to do so this year. At the Enterprise level, 64% of marketers currently use ESP Creative Services while an additional 20% plan to this year. Zeta Interactive was cited as a top performer in the key Creative Service of Email Authoring.

When the focus shifted from creative to technical, The Relevancy Ring found that 39% of marketers cited a greater use of data to improve segmentation and targeting as their top priority. Zeta Interactive was the top pick in the area of Data Management with a near perfect 90% score. Zeta Interactive’s positioning in this area, combined with its strength in custom reporting, is key in light of The Relevancy Ring’s finding that the top three product features among Enterprise marketers were:

  • Ability to generate custom reports
  • Business intelligence analytical reporting tools
  • Data security

In areas where services meet platform, Zeta Interactive was a leading performer. Zeta Interactive won the Gold Medal as the top choice for Deliverability Tools & Services in the Enterprise category. The Zeta Mail platform was noted for its ability to set up a dedicated client infrastructure that scales easily and overcomes delays. In fact, Zeta Interactive was the Gold Medalist in crucial area of Integration.

With Gold Medal performances in Campaign Execution and Production Services, Deliverability Tools and Services, and Integration; Silver Medals in Account Management, Services (Creative/Strategy,) and Technical Customer Support; and overall Ring Leader status in Inbox Rate, Client Satisfaction, Functionality and Innovation, Zeta Interactive is an ideal choice for Mid-market and Enterprise marketers.

Learn more about The Relevancy Group, The Relevancy Ring, and see the full report.

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